The Blend of Our Success, is the Perfect Blend for Yours

Camardo Coffee is a premium coffee supplier which delivers blends of the best single origin coffee in the world, because only Camardo Coffee knows:

 L’arte dell’espresso

the blend of our success

We are proud to provide our customers with four generations of tradition and experience combined with the latest manufacturing equipment.



Quality in every stage of production is one of our strengths and an important value that has been handed down from generation to generation.


We offer to our customers a really broad range of products provided in 5 categories: Ho.Re.Ca. line, Retail line, Vending line (capsules and pods), Gift line and Confectionery line.


We have been making coffee with passion and devotion from four generations to satisfy the needs of every palate.

Exclusive packaging

Our state of the art packaging has been designed to suit the needs of customers coming from every corner of the world.


Our belief in the value of external and internal relationships and personal contact with our customers allows us to lead the company with flexibility and to anticipate market needs.



To assure traceability, we carefully check our products during all the stages of production, from the arrival of the raw materials to the perfection of the final product.

Up Close and personal

By working directly with the growers in carefully selecting only the best quality crops of green coffee beans, we can consistently guarantee the highest quality to our client.

Highest Quality

From its birth the coffee bean plays the leading role in our high quality control system, beginning with the selection of the green coffee beans and concluding with the selling of the product. For more than 50 years we have assured quality in every single phase of production.

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